Honest Music

I’ve sat in on many sessions on songwriting. I’ve been in a co-write. I’ve written alone. I’ve been in a ‘group-write’... one thing becomes clear every single time... you just can’t write well, if you haven’t been somewhere, or experienced what it is you’re trying to communicate. It doesn’t flow, and often times, people can see ‘write’ through it (see what I did there?). So why do we still try, as people, to be anything, or anyone, other than who God made us to be? When it comes to music, I have often wrestled with this truth when writing. After hearing someone else’s ‘cool tune’, it can be easy to despise where God has taken me, and long to be where He has taken someone else. But it never produces the honest, and real fruit that searching people crave. Let’s let other people tell their own story, and let’s not try to tell their story for them. Be who God has made YOU to be. Write what God has done in YOUR life. It is in my short years if experience, that that is what people want. Authenticity.

This is the basis for my music. My honest attempt at authenticity and portraying my stories, and my relationship with a real God, that I hope listeners can relate too. Trying hard not to be fake. Praying hard to a real God, to make it happen.

I hope you enjoy what you hear!